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Hi, I'm Olivia!

Once in an interview I was asked the always dreaded and equally expected question of "what are three words to describe yourself?" But, this interviewer added a twist: I could only choose one word. With more (or less?)  hesitation than one should have in summing up their entire being, I landed on a tiny four-letter word. Bold.


Being bold in my beliefs, dreams, and visions is something I've taken pride in since my campaigning-against-the teachers-to-let-the-girls-play-kickball days. This boldness smoothly translates over to the dark vibrancy of my imagery. I channel the spunk and energy I had as a 8-year-old into creating fashion-focused photosets and styling projects. There's absolutely nothing I'd rather be doing.


I've worked with brands such as Madewell, photographed for model agencies in Italy and beyond, been internationally published, and had my work in various exhibitions. Currently, I am interning as a creative at Paramount Pictures in Los Angeles while dedicating my free time to photography.


So, let's work together! I'm down to work on anything with a creative vision -- fashion photoshoots, magazine or brand work,  album covers, portraits, test shoots and event photography -- truly anything goes. 

Check out a deeper dive into my creative process:

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Instagram: @absolutelyolivia

Currently in: Los Angeles, CA


Bringing creative vision

to fruition.

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