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Hi, I'm Olivia!

Once in an interview I was asked the always dreaded and equally expected question of "what are three words to describe yourself?" But, this interviewer added a twist: I could only choose one word. With more (or less?)  hesitation than one should have in summing up their entire being, I landed on a tiny four-letter word. Bold.

Being bold in my beliefs, dreams, and visions is something I've taken pride in since my campaigning-against-the teachers-to-let-the-girls-play-kickball days. As I got older and more passionate about visual creation, this boldness smoothly translated over. Now, I channel that spunk and energy I had as a 8-year-old into creating vibrant, fashion-forward, and clean photosets and styling projects. There's absolutely nothing I'd rather be doing.

So, let's work together! I'm down to work on anything with a creative vision -- fashion photoshoots, portraits, headshots, magazine or brand work, and event photography-- truly anything goes.


I'm a rising junior at Duke University, studying Economics and Visual Media Studies. Thus, I'm based in Durham, NC but due to location fatigue I travel often and am always looking to create! 


Contact me


Instagram: @absolutelyolivia

Currently in: Florence, Italy


Check out a deeper dive into my creative process:


Bringing creative vision

to fruition.

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